Boiler installation and replacement

Saving money from day one


Replacing your boiler could save you £100s a year on your heating bills as well as being more envioromentally friendly! Technology has evolved dramatically over the last decade and we can all benfit by reducing our household bills aswell as having more efficient, higher quality products providing better heating and hot water flow than most old appliance

The right boiler for you

At gas plus we employ engineers to carry out all our work including quoting and specification, meaning there is no salesman pushing you in a certain direction. just experienced engineers giving you the solution to all your needs.

Whether its a new installation, a boiler replacement or a system conversion from an old cylinder to a combination boiler we're on hand to advise and offer a free, no obligation quote to suit the needs and budget of you, the customer.

There are a wide range of boilers on the market meaning a wide range of prices, and as approved installers for most of the main brands we have the experience and skill to install the correct boiler to suit your needs and offer different quotes, provide you with all the information you need and leave you in charge of making the right decision for you and your home.

Installation, warranty and registration

All our engineers are highly skilled and qualified to carry out your boiler installation. We aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and leave youre home as tidy as when we arrived. With both safety and efficiency in mind we will carry out the work to manufacturers instruction as required by british standards meaning you can rest assured the job is done to the highest standard. We weill explain all aspects of the installation and controls to you and make sure you are happy with how everything works.

Once the work is completed and all our safety checks and commisioning of the appliance is complete your engineer will register the installation with the manufacturers, gas safe and building control if required which will automatically start your manufacturers warranty.

Leaving you with nothing to do but sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Controls and filters

As well as the boiler, controls are also an important part of your heating system. Whether you love your technology and want a  smart thermostat you can control from your phone or just after a nice simple to use temperature dial we will help you select the appropriate controls for your needs.

Magnetic filters are also a vital part of your system, preventing any coorosion within the system entering the boiler and causing any complications. We fit magnetic filters with every boiler installed to ensure your system runs as efficiently as possible for many years


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